Monday, March 7, 2016

Journal 7 By: Addison

This film is amazing. It shows that just because your not riches doesn't mean you cant learn but it also shows you need an amazing teacher to show you that's true. It really made me think what type of teacher I will be. I want my students to believe in them selves just like he made his students believe they could understand Shakespeare.
My favorite thing he said multiple times was "be nice, work hard." you will not get anywhere in life if you do not put the work in and you need to be nice to one another.
In elementary school I never even read Shakespeare and in middle school we started to but I still never understood it like they do.
my goals for next year is to continue to go to school even though it is very hard with an infant. But I just have to remember that he is the reason why I'm going in the first place so I can give him a good life. I plan to also to continue working 2 jobs to support my family until I graduate. In general to have a good life with little boy.

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