Monday, March 7, 2016

journal 7 by lali

The film Hobart and the Shakespearians really surprised me in a good way, it was very cool seeing these kids learning and reading these difficult Shakespeare books and discussing it like adults. It was really cool seeing the teacher Rafe Esquith and how he interacted with these kids and how much freedom he let them have. What really shocked me the most is when they were reading out loud one of Shakespeare's book some of the kids started crying while reading out loud, this was I thought pretty cool because these kids really got into these books and they really appreciated the writing of Shakespeare. "All children must get a equal opportunity" this was said by Rafe Esquith and I totally agree with him because some kids don't a equal opportunities as others. What really was different about my elementary is that we didn't have that much freedom as these kids for example he let his students sit on top of their desks and in my elementary that would not be aloud. But some of the same stuff that we did is we read out loud a lot of books but never a Shakespeare book. A goal for me in the next year is to save up enough money to move out of my house to either get my own place or get a place with my friends.    


  1. definitely try to with some friends! my boyfriend and I saved up for months and it was still hard!

  2. I like your direct quote and as you said it's amazing to see such small children getting totally involved into books, This helps to build up their character.


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