Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snapshot 4 Muscial effect. gabe breidenbach

This is the same image that was on the video after i checked my YouTube history

Music to me means a verbal or an audio representation of a story that can influence those who listens and in some situations inspire the masses to create a good foundation of a person or make the light shine bright upon anything commonly hidden in the shadows because the devils in the details and some songs just are able to cheer people up. My life music wise has been becoming more and more broad but in the end the type of music that means the most to me is metal/ hard rock because ive grown to find power when i hear shouting since even for me it just lights a fire in my soul and makes almost anything possible and often times makes me feel empowered and without a doubt more exited than a cat with a overdose of cat nip. Hilariously i discovered about Ivan Moody and his Five Finger Death Punch through an accidental video click on YouTube where i listened to the song "way of the fist" right before i went to fight at Tommy house resulting in a surprising efficiency when we practiced knife fighting where rather than the normal fear or over thinking causing me to lose horribly it became a game of cat and mouse as i always aimed for his plastic knife (always) knocking it out of his hand and before he could move i would within seconds already be picking it up or catching it mid flight and making the once powerful Tommy give up time and time again  enough times that it almost seemed like life had kept hitting reset .Often the music works in a way to improve my ability to do certain activities such as if I'm cold turn on a song filled to the brim with anger and aggression and suddenly my body heat rises making the cold bearable, or how if im sad i will turn on a semi motivational song to try to heal and eventually get in the drivers seat and make my depression choke on the dust as i slam my foot on the gas shooting into the future to reach for my goal to better my life and my families. the last example for this trifecta of information is when sparring in karate I often turn on songs that the tones are either dark, fast paced or gets my blood pumping such resulting in an effect that even my friend Tommy can vouch is rather bizarre that is hard to describe other than adaptable fast paced and commonly called "crazy" or "insane".

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