Monday, March 7, 2016

Journal 7 by Chad Devore

     In a weird way, I guess the documentary made me think about how education and success can come in more than one way. I say that because it was explicitly stated at the beginning that the looseness in the class helped developed a sense of comfort on top of actually achieving what the teacher wanted to do.
     In all honesty, I personally don't agree with some of the things that went on in that classroom. For one, I feel as if the teacher somewhat milked the fact that he liked Shakespeare, and made them basically study it for days on end. However, if there's one thing that I do agree with, it's the fact that the lessons should be taught as a passion, which is what happened in the case with the teacher (Rafe) and Shakespeare.
     When I was in elementary school, that place was borderline "think this way and do it that way". It was obvious when many of the students were told to do things a certain way. Basically, the main lesson and such that I got from the film was to have a proper and more "fun" way of learning and such, all while trying to reach the goal you have. My elementary school, in all honesty, was nothing like this.
     I guess I can take some of what was in the documentary and live off of it. For example, the kids said that they'd have to sacrifice their free and fun time just to basically sand their own goals and make it as well-rounded as possible. When I begin the classes for my major next year, I'll have to do this as well. I'll have to focus more on trying to succeed through the classes rather than what I usually do. That is, surf the internet and such.

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