Sunday, March 27, 2016

Journal 8 by Mohammed Baseer

Living almost all of my life in India I have realized that I cannot be a unique or eccentric to live in a society like that, I have to do something that other people have already done and are successful. People there usually tell small kids you either be a engineer or a doctor, That's It! Well, of course there are some parents who does listen to their kids and let them do anything they want making them visionary leaders. In my opinion, eccentrics and dreamers are the one who rouse and motivates us to do some thing good out of nothing. Old people usually give this example, "He studied under a streetlight", and now everybody dreams about becoming like him. I usually go around asking eccentrics of how they accomplished their goals, what steps they took to achieve something that's this big, so that we can have an idea and mindset to follow the path of dreamers. After coming here I  saw uniqueness in every student, some would do a major in business or arts and then go into a medical school.

My reading in Holding On is going on really good, It's inspiring to read about the dreamers and visionaries who does a lot of hard work but are still unknown in the world, the stories are short and very interesting, It makes a sense to the reader but on the other hand the story related to a person is not in detail, it just tells us about their dreams and leadership. A question I had was from Robert Shields , even though he writes such long diaries about his life and collected 75 huge cartons filled of paper in his room, does he ever get time to open those cartons and look back in the diaries of what he wrote? And then again he will write in his present diary that he was reading an old diary and what he did, Phew! doesn't make any sense.

In Miles Mahan, the key theme is Miles created his own museum and sits down everyday to attract customers . Miles reports in the second paragraph that he "built the museum out of scratch". His experience of working in the carnivals helped him built his own museum without having to spend extra money. As he has spend all the money in buying the land, I think he was not left with any money after that to build his museum.

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