Monday, March 7, 2016

Journal 7 by Mohammed

After watching the documentary Hobart Shakespeareans I can say that what Rafe did for those kids is something special and extraordinary, He is giving a new lease of life to them by teaching them in a special way (pedagogy) which had freedom, discipline and fun in the class. Rafe’s teaching technique is very unique, I can hardly see someone teach like that like he does. What I can understand is a teacher also has his/her family to look and take care of but Rafe is so dedicated and compassionate towards the kids improving their lives and helping them.  He is always motivating the kids as he said to the class on the last day of school, “This is not over, this is the beginning, It’s what teachers do,” and “We all have problems, I have them too, solve them,” I have seen many teachers back in India who gave up hope once the student is not performing but Rafe is that one teacher who backs a student as he known's their full potential and how to teach them. A huge part of Rafe’s teaching is teaching what it means to be American and that we are Americans.
                The kids never looked sad in the movie to go to school, they always enjoyed in the class whether it is math or reading a book or music or sports. His way of teaching such as using money system in class to buy, rent or auction something eventually helps kids to understand the value of money and how to spend it wisely. Another event that struck me the most was his trips to Washington and Houston with kids, I wonder whether the kids had cried or not missing their parents. But it looked as though they have enjoyed and learned a lot. The whole class united to perform the Shakespeare play at the end of the school year was the main theme of this play, Shakespeare vocabulary is pretty difficult and these kids have memorized it with such an ease, they learned teamwork, patience and sacrifice and responsibility.
                Well I cannot remember any teacher from my elementary school, but I do remember a teacher from my high school. He is a biology professor and I have never seen any teacher having a Pedagogy as him. His mixed his teaching with humor in classroom, he eventually asks a student his notebook and tears (the outer cover) apart explaining the dehiscence of anthers in a plant. In the end there was no student in the class with a grade less than B. I must say just by his presence in the class he had a huge impact on us.

                A specific goal for me next year is to stay focused on my studies which eventually requires me to learn time management, the time I should spend at work, the time I spend towards my studies, time I should spend with my family has to be sorted out. Also my goal for this year and the next is to become fit and healthy, hope I might be able to do this one.

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