Wednesday, March 2, 2016

snapshot 4 by lali

Back when I was around ten years old I hated country music, I thought it didn't have any meaning to it. I would hang out with my dad almost everyday at the golf course and every time he would have the radio on the country station he will always tell me if you listen you might learn something. Then one day I started listening to the lyrics and the artist said "Dad, this could be the best day of my life I've been dreamin day and night bout the fun we'll have it's just me and you doin' what I've always wanted to I'm the luckiest boy alive this is the best day of my life" this  is by George Strait and he became one of my favorite country singers because in that lyric he showed my how important my dad is and the time you spend with him is precious. Ever since that I have been listening to country music and all of George Straits music because they really tell you messages in their music and they also tell you the honest truth about life or anything you are going through as a person. Every time now I go golfing with my dad, he turns on the country station and I'm the one that always turns it up.

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George Strait one of my favorite country singers
My favorite song from him is "I got a car"


  1. I can relate to this too because I also enjoy spending time golfing with my dad.

  2. George Strait is also one of my favorite artists because he has such a good knack of bringing real life situations into all of his songs. I think he is one of the easiest artist to connect with.

  3. That's a nice song, and I just heard it. Well probably a best song to hear when you go out with your dad.

  4. i used to hate country music as well and now i love it. i used to tell my mom it gave me a headache whenever she turned it on in the car.


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