Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snapshot 4 by Mohammed Baseer

                In simple terms music is a treatment for depression, it is a means of enjoyment, it is a great companion when you are alone, it brings back your smile when you are sad, it helps you to reminisce the lost and forgotten moments of life, it keeps me awake and fresh while I am driving, it lets me enjoy my morning shower, it keeps me motivated, it saddens me and bring tears to my eyes, it gives me a boost of energy when I am in the gym, it takes me back in time like a time machine, it brings us closer to our friends and families, and last but not the least, it helps us improve our listening skills.
                The feeling of listening to music is like the cold water that comes out of the water springs: pure and soothing. I listen to Indian songs and I have a playlist of my favorite songs that has been repeated over and over for more than thousand times, it is highly unmanageable for me to write down the lyrics of my favorite song, but when I hear it touches my heart and create a long lasting effect. There is this specific song that I hear every day, it looks as though it is a reflection of my life. It actually took no time for me to memorize this, It was on my mind after hearing it for the first time.
Music for me is like watching a sunset at a beach. Its like relaxing our mind  from the daily hustle of life.

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