Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snapshot 4 - Music and Moods - by Andy

     I always find a song to listen to depending on my mood and it makes my overall mood that much better, regardless of the situation.  I honestly cannot remember one day in which I did not listen to at least a single song.  I always have music playing in my car and when I'm working out.  Other times are usually at night before bed and sometimes during assignments, such as now!  I keep my iPod fully loaded and as much music as I can on my phone.
     I cannot select one genre of music.  I listen to a wide variety of styles once again depending on my mood.  I can narrow it down to one group that for whatever unknown reason truly amplifies my senses and that group would be The Black Dahlia Murder.  Now before you ask "Andy, where are you going with this?" it's simple; I enjoy the lyrics of their vocalist Trever Strnad as well as the music the rest of the band composes.  The majority of the time I'm listening to The Black Dahlia Murder would be in the gym when I always set off to crush my personal best records like a wrecking ball.  The lyrics are very visual and descriptive, which if you all have yet to notice, I thoroughly enjoy!

     A sample of Strnad's lyrics from the beginning of "I Will Return" which is about death, preservation of the body for the future and reanimation of the deceased body to continue living:

"When death so swiftly has coveted the client from this plane; a journey forged in ice has just begun.

A crystalline entombment preservation now awaits. Proceedings executed hastily; deceased to be encased.  Encapsulated, ensured, the precious cargo safe. A pending resurrection - rebirth.

In the distant future, when advancements shall allow, a being to be made again anew.
The brain to be implanted, fused within a growth of cells; this vessel but a vehicle to traverse this mortal realm"

and two lines near the very end:

"To live again, to stand above your brood.
To live again, the phoenix raised un-bruised"

     I was actually fortunate enough to meet Trevor Strnad after a show in 2006.  The performance was intense and the stage was about four feet off the ground.  Where was I? Jammed up against the stage with Trevor yelling in my face, with me yelling lyrics with him of course, at some points as the intensity of each song increased.  After the show was just as crazy because he knew my name when I went to shake his hand!  He recognized me from when I had my profile on "MySpace" and I commented on the band's page that I was coming up for their stop
in Toledo.  I was easily recognizable at the time due to having a mohawk hairstyle. Yes, I had a mohawk and not just once.

Trevor Strnad, lyricist of The Black Dahlia Murder.  During his performances, he is very animated and rampant all over the stage displaying his passion for his creativity along with his band mates.


  1. the song sounds great im gonna give it a listen some time

  2. the song sounds great im gonna give it a listen some time

  3. i am the same way, i listen to certain music for my certain moods.


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