Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Journal 7: Charles White

      This documentary really brought the imagine to my head that most teachers try their best to do anything to get their point across to their students. I have had many teachers who copied the style that Rafe  had of using  monetary system in his classroom. I personally thought this was the best tactic he used in his classrooms.
     One quote that I thought meant a lot too me in the documentary was " You have to be the person you want your kids to be." I thought this was an inspiring quote because it proves he wants to be a good person and by that he wants to prove to his students that it is easy to be a nice person and do nice things for people in return nice things will happen to you. When the students realize that Rafe was telling them the truth and actually cares about them, they buy into what he is saying and teaching. For most of the kids Rafe is the only father figure they can relate too. This can be monumental for the young kids, especially the young pre-teen boys who need someone too look up too.
    When I think about previous teachers that I had I can clearly tell some of them cared about the students, and others just wanted a pay check and have other people think that they are doing something good for the community. One teacher that I will never forget was my kindergarten teacher Mrs.Rosebury. She was the nicest and most kind teacher I ever had. Some things she used were the money system which Rafe also uses. Other teachers I have had didn't really teach me anything. Most of those were my middle school teachers, they just showed up everyday and gave us worksheets and wouldn't help anyone with anything. That I still believe is the reason I do not like some areas in education.
     A goal I want to achieve in the next year is to transfer to MTC and enroll in their power-linesmen course and get a job with Ohio Edison and be a professional linesmen.


  1. I remember most my teachers made me feel like they didn't truly care about us, they just wanted that money! One of my teachers used the money system too! It was an awesome thing to participate in 5th grade! Made me feel older.

  2. I really liked the quote you used, that's a good way of trying to be a better person each day.


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