Thursday, March 3, 2016

Journal 7, Caitlin Williams

     In the documentary, The Hobart Shakespearians, I thought that it so amazing and raw to watch a teacher really go above and beyond his requirements. Rave, the teacher, did not just teach to make a paycheck. He taught because "these young kids are the future" as he stated in this film. He wanted to take this young kids with hard lives that live in a low class neighborhood and show them that they can be something other than being a person similar from the place they come from. He was inspiring, at certain parts of the film I would get chills just because of how amazing this guy was. I found myself with an enormous smile on my face while watching most parts. It makes me feel like we as human beings are capable of so much more than we think even at such young ages.

     I remember one teacher in elementary school that I really felt like he cared about us. He was my 5th grade teacher and the year before he became my teacher he was the principle but stepped down to teaching because he missed being able to teach kids. He was very kind and he let us do more than a normal teacher would. He used hands on working and let us work with our friends a lot. He gave us freedom. I think it helped us see that learning wasn't such horrible thing and that it could be fun. He also used the money system that Rave used with his but it wasn't exactly the same. We would get our money for good grades and we would have auctions to buy candy or school supplies at the end of the month. My other teachers we truly just there for the paychecks or to torture us. I had 3 means teachers out of the only 5 I had in elementary school.

     In the  next year my goal is to become more independent. I am moving out of the house I have lived in since I was 6 months old and getting my own place. I want to improve my credit and get my own bills in my name and be able to afford them and pay them on time and still be able to have extra money to be able to go out and have a good time. I want to keep the credit cards I do have open low and not have to rely on a credit card to get me through life. I also want to move positions at my work and be happier about my job than I am. I would like to continue going to school and be able to push myself harder and further than I currently am without giving up.


  1. I also had some mean teachers and it just made class even worse than it already was and it was never any fun.

  2. Your fifth grade teacher sounds like a great guy. That would definitely be a tough situation from going from principal down to teacher, but if it is his passion, he obviously did the right thing. It also sounds like he made the right choice due to your personal experience in his class!

    Also, building credit is easy as long as you pay your bills off on time! Haha!


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