Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Snapshot 4 by Matt Stock

     I choose to do my snapshot about Kenny Chesney a country star. Kenny Chesney was a big part of my life. He became big when I first really started liking country music. My mother and father we're big time fans of his. So growing up that was a go to artist in the car to listen to. Kenny had a great story that makes me admire him. He started country music in college and was not very successful. He had a slow start singing in bars trying to make a name for himself. He finished his degree in marketing then moved to Nashville to start his music career. He recorded his first hit in 1996.
     The song that means a lot to me is "There goes my life" recorded in 2004. The song is about a man having a child in high school. He had plan to run off and enjoy his life as a young man. Then he find out he is going to be a father and thinks it's all over. Through out the song he loves the little girl more and more. Even becomes very proud to be a dad. At the end of the song The man worked hard to be a good dad and he is getting ready to watch his daughter leave.
     The song hit me so hard when I found out I was going to be a dad in high school. I was so overwhelmed. I wasn't ready to be a dad and neither was the man in the song. He made the best of it and everything worked out great. Same happened in my life and now I couldn't be a happier father that song gave me hope. Made me feel like I could fight a lion head on and win!
     "A couple years of up all night and
     Few thousand diapers later
     That mistake he thought he made
     Covers up the refrigerator
     Oh yea, he loves that little girl
     And he cried
     "There goes my life
     There goes my future, my everything
     I love you, Baby, goodbye"
Kenny Chesney sings a lot of songs about cherishing life and moment.
I listen to his music when life gets tough because it can't be that bad.
Such as "Don't Blink" another top song.


  1. Every time I hear this song I feel his emotions coming through. I personally think this is his best song the has recorded and cut.

  2. That is definitely a strong emotional attachment to be able to relate your personal life to. I can recall a few songs in which I can relate to personally, but not as strong as your connection.

  3. I think this is great how you can relate this to your life so well.

  4. that is also one of my favorite lyrics

  5. This looks a great song, I am gonna go home and download it.

  6. I love him, and thats a pwerful song.m


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