Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Journal 8 by Gabrial Alexander Breidenbach

in our culture dreamers and eccentrics are required to create new opportunitys in order for civilization to improve and show that it is possible to thrive in these times. though by no means does our culture now a days really encourage that behavior since now a days it seems like our culture strives for "normalcy" that by no means should exist when speaking business and should not discourage dreamers and eccentrics from trying to achieve what they want in life for what ever the reason but saddly now your just lucky to not get reminded that almost everything now takes a good sum of cash just to do a simple activity sure "money cant buy happiness" but now it takes so much just to have a home and when key factors like that cost so much it is incredibly discouraging to strive for anything because theirs always a price tag waiting around the corner.

 My readings in holding on are at most ok. Truthfully i find it interesting but the material that i am reading at times is hard to remember due to the book not giving my mind much in the way of imagery and or vivid references as to the time in which these interviews took place. Even though i struggle to remember parts of the book, Holding-On still is fun to read due to the personality's of the people that they have chosen to put in the book for centuries to come such as the muesiem in which i remember laughing when the interviewer looking at the children area said something along the lines of "its just a tree stump" showing how a normal person would perveive the attraction without really thinking about what it could be. Another great example is the shoe shiner/ Hat blocker shop and how the owner is ok with being called bob because after they talked to him on a personal level he knew they would address him by his name rather than the stores title.

The profile that struck me was Father Louis H. Greving. Primarily his obsession with the grotto legitimately creeps me out and the fact that from what i understand that may be one of the few things he ever talks about just flat out makes it unsettling I understand having pride in what you made but truthfully there is a line. near the end though is a quote that is great and when they quoted Father Dobberstein "I only met one man tha is as determined as I am,"he said,"and thats you!"


  1. I like the quote "money cant buy happiness"

  2. Money may not buy happiness but it sure does make it easier to be happy.


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