Sunday, March 6, 2016

Journal 7 by Matt Stock

     The Hobart Shakespearians I think is an amazing story. Rafe Esquith has figured it all out and does amazing with these kids. The great thing is he does it year after year and keeps up with his past students after they leave for years. I think if we teach the way Rafe does all over the country then we would have better outcomes in education ratings for our country. I think the whole country would thrive as a whole. At first I though Rafe was crazy. I would be upset to see my child undergo some of his methods. My mind changed by the end of the film because it works! My girlfriend is majoring in education here at OSU and I would love for her to take away some of the methods. Teaching real life exprences in school should be monitory. Rafe starts at a very young age and builds a foundation. He used that word foundation a ton. The story makes me think of the freedom writers.
     In the film Rafe has many views and methods. I agree with many of them. Rafe said "all children must be given an equal opportunity". Fact is kids don't. Based on where they live and race. Kids don't always get what kids would get in a better school system and I feel like that's very true. I went to a Columbus public school when I was in elementary school. Compared to other schools they taught a lot different. The teachers would teach what I had learned two year before. I would have loved to have a teacher like Rafe. In school my teacher did the money method in school its my favorite method Rafe uses. A method that stood out was that Rafe teaches guitar lessons during class. He said that is helps the students grasp English and math better.
     My goal for the next year is to do at least a 3.5 GPA. I will have to study hard and be alert in class. Think about my future every time I sit at my desk in class. Rather than going out with my buddies I will be hitting the books hard.


  1. it was for sure an amazing story! nice to know there are still good people in this world!

  2. Nice quote, 3.5-WHOA!!! I hope you do hit your books hard and reach that goal, All the best.

  3. Nice quote, 3.5-WHOA!!! I hope you do hit your books hard and reach that goal, All the best.


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