Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Journal 8 By: Addison

The dreamers and eccentrics in our culture are the ones who make to there goals no matter how may people says its impossible  I think our culture discourages uniqueness and dreamers because we don't think its possible. We also don't like when someone we know gets more in life then ourselves. I worked at sears and one of my co workers had a dream to be an opera singer and everyone thought he was good but never thought someone from marion ohio could actually become one. He left about 6 months ago for his big break.

I am a little behind in Holding On but I'm getting caught up. so far my active reading is going pretty good. still needs work though.

My favorite is steam train. it made me realize that hoboes are different that bums. bums are the ones sitting on the street just asking for money and food. hoboes actually work for food and that they really don't want handouts.


  1. my favorite is stream train also

  2. my favorite is stream train also

  3. in your first paragraph I can see why all of you would've felt that way. I would've too. but now that's its real and hes going out there its not longer weird


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