Monday, April 11, 2016

snapshot 6 by lali lakatos

Ever since I was six years old I always loved to draw, drawing for me helped me escape this world and jump into an whole new world in which I created. At the beginning I just drew for fun and my teachers always said my drawings were unique and especially my coloring because I am colorblind. The day I found out that I was colorblind I was sitting at the kitchen table at my house coloring in a picture and my brother was sitting next to me coloring also and I wanted to paint the ground green in my picture so I looked so hard for a green marker on the table but I couldn't find one so I asked my brother "hey can you give me a green marker" and my brother said "it is right in front of you" so he reached over and picked it up right in front of me. From then on I always asked my brother to pick out the color marker for me, then my parents saw me doing this and they thought their was something wrong with me so they took me to the eye doctor and the test back positive that I am colorblind.  This one time I was coloring the sky purple and I thought it was blue and when I showed my teacher and she said "wow I never thought a sky could be purple" and after that she would always expect something cool in my drawings because she likes seeing how I saw the world. As I grew up my drawings got better and better, in high school my art was hung every time. Between my high school years my drawings started to tell stories and those stories are mostly what is going on in my life. Some stories told happy things like everything was colorful and showed a happy image, but times if I was under stress the colors faded a little and a it showed a image that looked like it was struggling, and in times I was mad there would be no colors mostly just black and showed a dark image. As I continue to draw today I continue to learn new techniques to make whatever I'm drawing become more real and also my color judging got a little better but I think the best drawings of mine are always the unique ones because the color choices I made are different to what other people would have chosen. what I hold onto is my drawings and my drawing techniques if I don't have those I don't know what I would do, I always said to myself  "if I ever lost my right hand I would learn to draw with my left."



  1. That's wild! Are you completely colorblind? Or is it just certain colors that appear different to you? It is also interesting how your art reflects your current "struggles" in life with different color variations and how they seem to stay on a darker spectrum with greater stress!

    1. (this is the additional part to our in class assignment)

      As I stated, I felt your strongest point is how your art reflects the current moment in your life. I believe you could have made your statement stronger by using more descriptions of your work when you are in a great mood versus a darker time and what those pieces of art were visually showing! I guess the easiest way to put this comparison of your work would be a sunny day versus a storm.

  2. I never knew you were colorblind, and I think it's pretty cool the way you created the artwork and such.

  3. "if I ever lost my right hand I would learn to draw with my left." is by far one of the best mind sets i have ever seen because that just shows me the determination you posess. my only criticysm is that it is great but a example would have just made something great amazing

  4. Wow. Just wow. I never would've guessed. I really felt the passion in your writing. I really like where you were talking about how you couldn't find the green marker but it was right infront of you. That has to be kind of hard but way to use that as inspiration! What colors can you not see? I think you should write more about what you like to draw and also how hard its been for you to be colorblind, like add in your other struggles.

  5. I never knew this, how would you manage buying clothes when you go out for shopping, One question for you- What is the color of carrots? "Smiling Face". Great writing , I loved it a lot, You included a scene , reported dialogues but metaphors are missing. As far as criticism come I would say that you could have taken an extra time to write it with more précised details.


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