Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brainstorming Post for collective good Interview Questions. From Mike

Students, using the Comments section below, please post your the five best interview questions you have based on the themes of ECCENTRICITY or DREAMS.

This way we have a multitude of questions to pick from, rewrite, and use for our interviews for the last Creative Profile essay.


  1. From Matt and Lucas 1 Do you feel like being a dreamer makes you a good leader? 2 Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 3 What motivates you to follow your dreams? 4 Do you think we need more people who are eccentric? 5 What do you think the best part of being eccentric?

  2. From Addison and Chad: 1. What challenges have you had to reach your dream? 2. Have you ever wanted to give up? If so how did you over come it? 3. What is your reasoning behind your dream? 4. Is your motivation for yourself and your family or for others? 5. Is your dream ethical?

  3. From Josh and Caitlin

    1. What's your most proud accomplishment that you have? Why? What made you want to do this?

    2. What do you think your biggest challenge was in life? Why do you consider this your biggest challenge?

    3. do you think people find your hobbies strange? if so, does it bother you what people think?

    4. who or what group of people do you think you have impacted the most? do you think that this was a good influence or bad?

    5. Did you have any problems or disadvantages achieving your dreams or goals? Did you accomplish doing everything you wanted to do in life?

  4. From Mohammed and Lali:
    1. What dreams did you have as a kid?
    2. How did you overcome your failure(if any) and accomplished this, what lessons were you able to learn from that?
    3. Did you meet your dreams? How do people look upon you in the society before and after your success.
    4. Would you change anything in your past years that you did and regretted to make yourself better.
    5. What changes would you make in the world if you were a leader or a president.

  5. From Andy and Gabe: 1) Have you achieved any personally planned visions?

    2) (continuation to question 1) If not, are you still capable of doing so? If so, did your vision turned out as planned?

    3) Would you care to discuss any personal struggles that have interrupted your progress to your vision?

    4) What is your most cherished moment, or moments, on your way to your vision?

    5) Who is/was your personal inspiration growing up or even today?


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