Monday, April 11, 2016

Snapshot 6: Holding On By Josh

Like most people family is my number one priority. My family is my everything. Through my highs and lows in my life it is always my family that support me no matter what and inspire me to be the best I can be. My grandparents are probably the ones that inspire me the most. They’re 80 years old and are both still sharp as a tack. I always love going to their house to see them and talk with them. It’s probably the only thing that can keep me off my phone or any of the other screens I have. Whenever I go up there we all sit around at the dinner table for hours and just talk. Probably the main reason I treasure them the most is because my parents and I aren’t very close to my dad’s side of the family. My dad’s dad died of a heart attack before I was born so I never got to know him. I only see my grandma once a year even though we live 15 minutes from each other. There is some bad blood between my dad and his sister so we never see her and her family. I actually saw them this weekend for the first time in thirteen years and it was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life because I hardly know them. It’s not that way with my other grandparents and the rest of my mom’s side of the family. we always keep in touch with each other and always know what’s going on with everybody. I dream of one day having a family just like that.
                After graduation a lot was going on. I was finishing up the rest of my track season, hanging out with my friends before we all went our separate ways, and I would eventually start my first semester of college in the fall. Once I college started along I lost touch with my grandparents. I use to try and call them at least once a week or so and it was already the beginning of December and I haven’t talked to them in over two months. While I was hanging out with my friends one night I got a call from my mom. She told me that my grandpa was in the hospital. My heart stopped. I felt terrible because hadn’t heard from him in forever it felt like. I immediately left hanging out with my friends and my mom and I drove up to see him and my grandma. He was admitted into The ProMedica Toledo Hospital. When we got there the doctors told us that everything would be fine. He just had some internal bleeding that was being fixed with antibiotics. We are relieved to hear that he was going to be okay.
My grandparents just turned 80 recently and even though they doing good for their age I know they won’t be around forever. I lost sight of what meant the most to me because I was so caught up in my own life. My grandparents mean a lot to me and I want to be there for them when they get too old and can’t go anymore because that is when they will need their family the most. I owe it to them because they’ve always been there for me. I want to hold on to them for as long as they are still here. I also want to try to clear the bitterness and hatred between my dad and my aunt. After all they’re my family too and I would like to get to know my younger cousin. I know it will be hard to keep up with everything now that my own life is starting but I’m going to do my best for my family.
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  1. I think it means alot to be around someone and not rely on any other source of entertainment to keep yourself interested. Maybe one thing you could have done was explain some of the bad blood. As personal as it is think that would make a great story too. But the only thing I think you should have done is just check some of the grammer.


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