Monday, April 25, 2016

Interview by Lali Lakatos

" I came to this country with only five dollars in my pocket a wife and three daughters and one of them is disabled, life was not easy moving from one country to another." This is what my grandpa said, he was born 1961 in Budapest Hungary and lived there for most of his years till he and his family moved to America in 2000. Life in Hungary was very hard, the economy there was very bad  it was hard to find a good job their and also one that pays well. One of his dreams when he was young is that he would love to move to America to be someone and start his life there.  
Once he moved with his family he said "I will do anything to make money and put food on the table for my wife and daughters." He started at a hotel where he basically was like a maid when a customer checked it was his job to go the that room and make it spotless. One of the challenges he had was that he spoke zero English and the only way he could learn was just hearing how people speak everyday and learning sentences or different type of words each day till he could have a full conversation with someone. He was not only teaching himself but he also taught his wife how to speak English, he didn’t have to teach his two daughters a lot because they were going to school and they were learning most of their English there by  teachers or either by students. One thing that he does regret is that before he moved to the United States he wished that he took an English class because it would've been easier to communicate with people,  could've found a better job, and also it wouldn’t taken a over a year to learn a language. 
His English got better and better over the years and he could now go out and go look for a better job. The job he found was being a cop, they mostly put him on security guarding places but he didn’t mind it he as just happy that he was getting paid better. He says " the only thing that makes me get up every morning and go to work is my disabled daughter, she is the world to me if I fail her then I don’t know what life is anymore." 
What I think my grandpa is holding on to is his disabled daughter. The reason I think this is he always thinks about her and making sure that she gets the best life that she could have and making sure that she is healthy. This is basically his motivation for everything he does in his life ever since he had her and if he loses that he would not know what to do. In my opinion this is the best thing about my grandpa and his story was worth the telling.  
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