Monday, April 11, 2016

Snapshot 6 on Holding On by Mohammed Baseer

I think no one likes to remember the times when they experienced failure to accomplish their objectives and their struggle to hold on in the life. But it is my own painful memories that give me the courage to rise above and dream beyond what is common.

I had always tried to work hard as much as possible to achieve better grades but when my world turned upside down in my most crucial high school years I found it so difficult to focus on studies and so easy to divert away. Eventually I got a D in my ninth grade and I was almost losing hope in my studies.

One day I came back from school to find out that my grandma was in the ER. She was complaining about chest pain and she was been taken to the hospital immediately. Later as I patiently waited for her test results to come back I realized how unpredictable life is. I can perfectly remember those times as I went to the hospital to see my grandma, there was this disinfectant used all over the hospital whose smell made me more sad. As I was about to enter the ER, a doctor came and said, “You must be at least 18 years old to enter this place,” and I had to go back and sit on the chairs, after a few minutes my sister came out and said, “She is doing really good, don’t worry, the doctor said we can take her back home in three days,” I was happy but couldn’t meet her until the next day and then my sister asked me, “Are you on track with your homework because I have not seen you doing it for a while,” and I replied “We can think about it later,” Those moments of helplessness taught me the importance of time.

I looked in awe at the doctors and nurses and was thankful to god for having someone to help us in times of distress. They were super heroes, their selflessness and dedication inspired me to be someone like them so I can be there to help everyone in times of their distress.

This time, out of my fears and pain, rose an inspiration that gave me the courage to dream. I know now not to sulk in my grief or despair with every hardship. I now have a dream to be a health professional and I am pursuing my goals with a lot of perseverance.  I have consistently grown better and better with my studies. With an aggregate of 67% in 10th grade, 88% in 11th and 92% in 12th grade (that is a rough estimate) I have understood that sky is the limit for a hard working.

Although I am very focused on my goal yet I have kept my possibilities open so as to overcome any hurdles. I have faith in my capabilities and my family is always there to help, I will keep working towards success.
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  1. That was so inspirational. I would've easily assumed you were great at your studies because you seem like someone who really dedicates their time to it. Did this inspire you to go into pharamacy? If it did you should totally include that. I think it would make your essaya lot stonger. I would add more of an inrodution too.

    This really grabbed my attention and I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. We had the same thing to hold on to. It takes a strong person to step into the medical field. I am glad you saw that even if you were having a hard time. I liked how you used "hospital whose smell made me more sad." it is a very good description on something hard to described. I think you should include how grades are graded in India. So we could understand more.

  3. This was very good. I was very interested from the start. I can also relate to this so I liked it that much more. I really liked where you said "This time, out of my fears and pain, rose an inspiration that gave me the courage to dream." I like this because its very inspirational. One question I have is how often do you think of this to stay motivated to keep doing well with your classes?

  4. Great story. You told it very well. I'm glad you were able to overcome that keep working hard. I didn't notice any problems with your writing.

  5. great story my favorite part was when you said the hospital smell made you more sad because I also remember that smell when my mom was in the hospital.


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