Monday, April 25, 2016

Essay Three by Chad Devore

     The person that I interviewed was my very own mother, who has a dream of opening up a restaurant one day. She said that she would like for it to be mainly pink and white in color, along with having a main display case for the desserts and different types of coffees available. Essentially, she said that she did this because she enjoys making people feel comfortable and feeling loved, and that she would be successful in doing so by cooking and baking.
     However, she's had some struggles that involved trying to find a proper place for the restaurant. Where she lives, it's very hard to make a profit, and moving to a new location would be very expensive in the long run. Hopefully one day, she plans on actually opening up this restaurant and is a part of it. Paraphrased and re-worded, the interview was something like this.
     "Was there a life long dream that you've wanted to pursue?" I asked her. She replied, "Well, I've always wanted to open up my own restaurant." I follow with, "What kind of a restaurant?" She answers with, "I'd like for it to be a pink restaurant that's mainly a place for people to be at and for people to feel welcome with my cooking." I ask, "Is that what you're doing it for?" She answers, "Well, I enjoy cooking and baking, and I figured that I could also comfort people with my cooking, and basically create a place for both my children and anyone else."
     "I see," I respond. "Well, how come you haven't opened up the restaurant yet?" She replies, "Right now, I don't really have a whole lot of money to move to a big place and try to begin this business. I would do it here, but places here usually don't get much business. However, I'm still holding on and believing that I will open up the restaurant." Finally, I ask, "So with all of this, where do you see it in ten years?" She replies with, "I hope that it's open, and that I'm a part of it," she says with a sort of laughter.

Obviously this isn't her, but it gives the general idea.

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