Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Journal Two from Chase

Hey everyone, my names Chase Wedding. Ive lived in a lot of different places my whole life. I lived in Powell, OH growing up and then abruptly moving to Phoenix, AZ when I was 13. I went to highschool in Arizona for my freshman, sophomore, and senior year. My junior year i was recruited to play hockey in Boston so I moved out and flew to Boston for my junior year of high school. I loved the west so I'm not sure what drove me to move back here but I'm here now so...
I play D2 hockey for OSU so I don't have much free-time for hobbies besides school and working here and there.

From the first chapter I would have to say that it seems like something I don't necessarily want to read. I don't love reading about stuff like this because it reminds me of "Kite Runner" and that book had a lot of violence and some other things involved with that. On the other hand I do sense a separate theme that has a lot to do with ignorance being bliss. The fact of them reiterating the point of the boys not understanding gives them a small amount of unemployed innocence. I think its pretty cool that they listen to rap because you would think that it doesn't reach areas like that. 


  1. Living the hockey dream! I used to play ice hockey when I was younger. A few years in pee-wee and bantam until there were not enough members to have a league. (2003-2004ish) So that was the end of it for me, plus health issues didn't help. The last time I ice skated was 2007 once and before that was 2004. I definitely miss it!

    1. It's absolutely my favorite sport I'm not sure what I would've done with myself if the same situation happened to me I probably would have gone insane!


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