Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Journal 3 Gabe Breidenbach

My reading so far is constantly fluctuating between chapters and it is a bit more than just that. First of all is my "Reading Room" or "Study" was being renovated but thankfully thats all sorted out (hurray for no more reading while a movie is blasting in the Living room) and luckily enough it is quiet. Secondly and heres the pain in my side and it's the simple matter of I struggle to see some parts of grammar that are great or paragraphs due to my prior experiences in an English class or as a friend and I called it "Cram the Unreasonably Large Amount of Pages Before It Starts" class which while it tried to get us to start actively reading it fell short in that we had no control of what we did so I used to cram and underline without effort. Lastly when I read unless I really look back at pages or really like the book (The Book Theif for example) in which I can memorize most the information. I generally fall short due to major shortcomings in my reading and struggle with information until i am able to really understand the book.

New world. 
Chapter 7 starts off shortly after a rebel attack leaving him in a state of constant fear until after Ishmeal saw the remains of a village which includes the imagery of animals feasting on human remains as vultures circled. in a desperate attempt he trys to seek out a peaceful place in a war torn land leading to him experiencing new challenges. Ending with the reminder that no one trusts anybody when a few kids in a body of water tell him to leave (not directly) through distrusting glares and the kids tone of voice.

Challenge wise the biggest challenge is survival. Reason being that through out most the chapter is him breaking away from his original group and heading out with very little in search for a peaceful place to live. Ishmael encounters the effects and desperation of hunger  and it's ability to allow the body to do impressive deeds with no negitive repercusions in order to survive such as when he climbed the coconut tree to retrieve food.

Fate: the supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events. the reason i find this word to stick out in my mind is that from here on he has taken fate into his own hands for better or worse, good or badand he can no longer escape it.


  1. good take on the book, I agree.

  2. I like your theme about challenge, In desperation of hunger, Ishmael climbs a tree which he never did in his life,It was a challenge for him and once his hunger was satisfied he couldn't climb the tree back.

  3. I personally agree with the "fate" theme.

  4. I keep hearing the theme survival. And I don't think any of us can disagree and say that survival is not a theme of this entire book.


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