Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Journal 3 from Addison

I believe my overall reading well. I can always improve though. My strengths are they are interesting books so it makes it easier to up on the reading. My weaknesses are referring to one book and then having to switch over to a different book. The House on Mango Street is going better for me because I like how she has shorter chapters. It is easier to comprehend for me. I can relate more to The House on Mango Street than I can in a long way gone. My habits on active reading are sometimes better than others.

I titled chapter 7 "The Rebels Attack"

Nutshell: The rebels come randomly one day. He did not have to find all of his friends he had to just run and hide. He is now wondering if everyone escaped and how long he will live.

imam: the person who leads prayers in a mosque.

The theme of chapter 7 that sticks out to me is worry. Ishmael is now worried about his friends and family and hope that they escaped."The semi-burnt body of the imam, as Koloko had described it, was there in the village square. I could see the pain he had felt by looking at the way his teeth were bared. All the houses were burned. There wasn't a sign of life anywhere" Ishmael must be feeling really lost. he has now seen a lot . he hasn't just lost his family but now also his friends. No twelve year old should have to see dead and loose that any people that he was close to.


  1. I'd agree with you that "worry" is a fitting title for chapter seven. As Ishmael's story progresses, it unfortunately seems to get worse. The torturing of the imam was terrible and shows the rebels have no remorse for those who they consider "enemies".

  2. For me reading I agree that The House on Mango Street is easier for me to read and follow. I agree on your title for Chapter 7 and I think it is a good one.

  3. The theme part of this entry was pretty fun to read.

  4. How Ishmael described in the book about the burnt body of Imam was really sad and disturbing, that shows how the rebels were and they were not even concerned about anyone, either they live or die.


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