Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Journal 3 from Lali

My overall reading so far is going very well, some strengths in the books is that they are very unique especially house on mango street I like how both the authors are very descriptive in their writing. Some weaknesses is that at times the house on mango street can get a little confusing at times but it just require a lot of re-reading. The book that is going better for me is probably a long way home because I understand the book much better than the hose on mango street. My active reading habits it going okay its certainly better than it was two weeks ago.

Title: Survival
A nutshell for chapter nine is that Ishmael and his group are attacked by these villagers and are taken to the chief and steals their shoes, then are chased away until the group encounters a hut and the man in the hut tends to their injuries and takes care of them. The group try to figure out the mans name but he wont tell them, the villagers come attack again and Ishmael and his group are taken back to the chief where he hears their music and lets them go because they are just kids. A term that I found in the reading was disconsolate which means without consolation or comfort.


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