Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Journal 2 from Charles

My full name is Charles Austin White. I own and fund my own small animal business that consists of South African Boer goats, as well as other animals such as horses, ducks, dogs, turkeys, and two llamas. I am going to college to obtain a degree in Electrical linesmen to work on power lines. A fun fact about me would be I am the 2010 and 2015 Ohio State Overall Grand Champion Full Blood Boer Buck. I have won numerous other state titles with the same buck and other smaller shows.

Austin White

In the reading of chapter 1 in the book the narrator, with his older brother, Junior, and their friend, Talloi, head to Mattru Jong to participate in a talent show. They had started a rap and dance group when the narrator was eight, he is twelve when they leave for Mattru Jong and this is the first time he encounters war. When they arrive in Mattru Jong they stay at a friend's house. The day after they arrive they are waiting on two other friends to come over after school but they come over early and tell them that they were sent home early because the rebels attacked the mining areas and the teachers told them that their town is next. The mining area that was attacked is where the narrator, his brother, and their friend are from. All the boys head down to the river to ask the fleeing people about the attack and their families. When they don't hear anything about their families they decide they need to head back home to, Mogbwemo, to try and find them. They make it to their grandparents village, Kabati, but they can't find their grandparents. While they are still in Kabati they see wounded people still fleeing. After seeing all these innocent people hurt they decide that it would be best to go back to Mattru Jong. When they arrive they tell their friends what they saw. After a week of being back in Mattru Jong and not hearing anything about their families the government place soldiers in the town to help protect it.


  1. Sounds like a cool business. Do you like sell them or something?

  2. Yeah i raised them for meat purposes. I sold them to other kids in the surrounding county for FFA or 4-h projects

  3. As far as your company, did you start this venture on your own or was it part of your family history? Definitely has to be a great feeling to accomplish the overall champion title not once but twice!

    I also find your description of the book A Long Way Gone to be very detailed! In my personal opinion, the more information and details the better!

  4. I was helped when I first started out by my dad and grandpa, but when i was old enough to drive and make money they helped me less and less until I am in full ownership of my business.


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