Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Journal Six Reflections 2.0 (rememberd title edition)

There are many great charecters in the book along way gone but there is one who i find to be the most impactfull in ishmeals life for a very subtle reason and the reason is kinda dark but true.Sadly the influence came from Josaiah primarily during the gun fight. While they were fireing at the rebels an rpg goes off sending josiah flying into a tree stump and shortly after ishmael gets to him dies resulting in the change in ishmael that allowed him to survive so long. Ishmael had changed resulting in him not being reluctant to pull the trigger on another living beings life as seen on page 119 "I angerly pointed my gun into the swamp and killed everything that moved, until we were ordered to retreat". Though had that not happened would he have survived as a soldier or just died in hesitation.

Ishmaels Rehabilitation is a great example of how you can save people from their previous lives. No matter what Ishmael did as a soldier they had eventually recovered a human from the monster that was green snake the child soldier showing that it is possible for anybody. In the end everybody can be helped the only reason it may not work is if the people supposedly helping are doing it to make them look good or they are not even trying their best to save another s life.

Lessons from this book are among the biggest and most monumentall parts of it all truthfully. Though the one that affects me most is one little part early on that taught to me Not all people are untrustworthy off the bat from page 56 "There is no need to know my name. Just refer to me as the old man who got left behind when you get to the next village". which admittedly it still shocks me to this day due to most my life since growing up i just grew to distance and observe, pick and choose, judge whether some one is saving face or genuine. so to me I now question whether if i may have missed out on experiences due to my cynical and pessimistic veiws on people other than most of my friends and family.

I honestly want to know what happened to Ishmael and freetown shortly after the book ends for a couple of reasons. First off i wish to see what happened to the rest of Ishmaels cousins such as did they survive? if so were they recruited into the invaders? or did they try to escape in a desperate attempt to flee. Seconedly I wish to really see Ishmaels attempt to recover once more from his traumatic past just seemingly chasing/ haunting him both mentally and a recent time where it was litteraly.
Not gonna lie I REALLY wanted to know more but i just left the two big questions i had


  1. I also want to know many of the same things you talked about.

  2. I really liked how you used the book in this journal using green snake and such. It made it sound really good.

  3. I would really like to know more about freetown and Beahs relatives that are still living.


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