Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Journal 4 Weapons of common use

Made in Russia by Mikhail Kalashinov. it started as the AK-46 but was rejected and revised into the AK-47 which eventually Debuted in 1947 and to this day is still in production. When the AK-47 was originally tested it had great durability and speed but accuracy was lack luster but due to its classification it was put to use anyway as an assault rifle.
Rpg 7 was adopted by the soviet army in 1961 and known as one of the most successfull anti tank Grenade launchers. The RPG 7 is a shoulder fired and single shot rocket propelled grenade able to fly for a disatnce of 500+m with a penatration of atleast 10 inches up to 5 ft depending on the ammunition 
Origionally the CETMA Mod a until CETMA was bought out and the rights were given to Heckler and Kutch and modified to make the G3 in 1959. reason being Germany needed to resupply their forces with the new NATO ammunition. G3 was manufactured by Heckler and Kutch until 2000-2001 but instead started manufacturing weapons based off of its design such as HK 33 Assault rifles, 9mm MP-5 submachine guns, HK23, and HK21 Machine guns.


  1. I love how you posted a picture with all three weapons.

  2. I love how you posted a picture with all three weapons.

  3. Interesting. I enjoyed how all three paragraphs summarized all three weapons individually, along with how you presented each weapon with their corresponding paragraph.

  4. I think it is crazy to think of how long the AK-47 has been in use. Almost as if someone designed the "ideal" assault rifle. But yes there isn't anything finesse about the accuracy.


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