Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Journal 6 By Addison

The character that meant the most to me is Esther. She helped Ishmael learn to trust and again. She also helped him feel like a child and move on a little from his past. "I didn't completely trust Esther. I only liked talking to her because I felt that she didn't judge me for what I had been apart of; she looked at me with the same inviting eyes and welcoming smile that said I was a child."

I feel Ishmaels rehabilitation is possible. Once he wants it he starts to get better. she cant help him move on until he decided he wanted to talk. He may never fully move on from it but he will be able to live a happy life. I think getting to know Ishmael would be a major thing for me to want him to live in my neighborhood. I have a child so of course he is main concern but knowing he is getting help I would want him to love in my neighborhood and feel like a child again.

What I would take away from this book is don't take anyone or anything for granted because you could loose it all. We think its normal to have a happy childhood and think getting grounded is the worst thing ever but there are children out there that lost there families and had to fight for their lives. "To survive each passing day was my goal in life" When I think of my goals in life I think of graduating college and getting a good job to support my son and give him a good life.

This book leaves me wanting to know about where he is now.
Ishmael now travels the world as a UNICEF ambassador raising money for the plight of child soldiers. After everything he has been through people today are still judging him. Laura is still Ishmaels mother and I believe what she did was an amazing thing to do.

Ismael finally has a family


  1. the lesson is an important one indeed though admittedly its tougher at times then others but it was a great one to point out

  2. I completely agree with you about not taking each day in life for granted. We may have bad days, or days in which we aren't motivated enough, but we need to just get moving and take on the day. We wouldn't get anywhere if we didn't make an attempt to improve ourselves!

  3. I love Esther. I wonder where she is now. I chose laura but I didn't find a whole lot on him and his life with her now.

  4. I like the quote that you used


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