Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Journal 6 from Lali

The character that meant the most for me was probably Esther, The reason she meant the most for me because she really helps Ishmael out in a lot of ways, the way she helps him out is that she introduces him to rap music again and this gets him talking about his past. Also in general she's the type of person that changes lives everyday and I think that just great.

The way I feel about Ishmaels rehabilitation is that he is getting better and he can probably see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn't mind if he lived in my neighborhood if I knew what he was and what he went through also he is in rehabilitation which shows me he is getting help.

The lesson that I took away from this book is that you should never loose hope no matter how bad it gets. What I want to remember the most from this book is all the stuff Ishmael went through while at war because it makes me thankful that I have a life here in America. A quote that I liked is "Things changed rapidly in a matter of seconds and no one had any control over anything."

The books leaves me wanting to know more about child soldiers and where else do they use this. So I found that in the last 15 years the use of child soldiers had spread to every region. Also I found that 10 to 30 percent are girls  are used for fighting and given to the commanders as wives.

Statistics of child soldiers around the world


  1. Wow. That statistic with females being anywhere from 10-30% being used in war as well as wives is unexpected. I'm surprised there wasn't any mention of females fighting in the wars with Ishmael, but perhaps this was just one "common courtesy" in which the army and rebels "allowed" the females to have. Obviously Ishmael stated that women were taken advantage of when rebels raided villages.

  2. That didn't even cross my mind thinking about where else this has probably happened. I'm sure its all over the world but more likely in poor countries. I like that you chose Esther. She did play a huge role in Ishmaels life. She was my favorite.

  3. I agree Ester was such a important part of the book. It was very smart of her to bring music back to Ishmael. I think that is what really got him to start working on himself.

  4. That is terrible, 40% girls as child soldiers, and that is just statistics, The real value must be more higher. I totally agree with Esther as main charachter.


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